Resolve repetitive queries with scheduled invocations, combine simple queries to complex DML statements by using Cloud Workflows instead of BigQuery Scripting.

SQL pipelines! In this article, we will explore how to use Workflows Connectors to run BigQuery query pipelines to execute a query, retrieve query results, loop through the resultset…

Backup every night your Firestore collections to secure Cloud Storage the easy way with Cloud Workflows, you don’t need to be a developer to setup the steps.

Firestore Backups the easy way with Cloud Workflows

Database Backups! We know how important they are, a wrong click and someone could delete your collection or the entire database. …

Automate the execution of shell commands in a fully serverless and secure way without managing private keys. What a joy for a Cloud Architect to work with.

Sometimes, as part of a workflow process, it is necessary to connect to a VM in order to perform different tasks. We are…

Loading Data Into BigQuery From Cloud Storage by using Cloud Workflows.

In this article, we will orchestrate and automate Google Cloud with serverless workflows.

We will create a Cloud Workflow to load data from Google Storage into BigQuery.

Writing, debugging and deploying from Visual Studio Code for Google Cloud Platform is working out great as you have multiple options to interact with Google Cloud products:

All these…

At the time of the writing Data Studio doesn’t offer out of the box Annotations on time series charts. You can however add your annotations as seen below in easy ways.

Timeseries chart with two annotations applied

We will cover 3 ways how to add Data Studio Annotations:

  • Adding by using a calculated field
  • Using a…

Waze introduced in their mobile apps around 2018 routing options that enable to you set Vignettes to enable use of toll roads.

This was a mobile first feature, so the web version of their Livemap didn’t had this feature, and by default it routes without toll roads — omitting motorways, bridges and so on, which yields crappy routes.

To get Livemap to use the vignettes and return the toll roads, use the following link:*

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