• Kris Braun

    Kris Braun

    Builder of social tech. Founder @happenate, developer @sortable. Dad, cyclist, optimist. Fan of bold film, theatre, coffee and beer.

  • Adam D. Nagy

    Adam D. Nagy

    Genuinely curious • Design Thinker • User Experience Designer • Web Developer • Perpetual fitness enthusiast

  • Golya Benjamin

    Golya Benjamin

  • Mahesh K Koramutla

    Mahesh K Koramutla

    BI Enthusiast, venturing into Big Data and Cloud Technologies

  • Benny Warlick

    Benny Warlick

  • Craig Rubino

    Craig Rubino

    Protect My Car has become my professional focus over the past 6 years as we have grown our extended auto warranty company from 8 employees to 196.

  • Szilárd Nagy

    Szilárd Nagy

  • Ildikó Tuck

    Ildikó Tuck

    UX designer, language nerd, photography and travel enthusiast.

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