Implementing trademark availability and search using USPTO Trademark API — part 2

Trademarks are a valuable business asset that can help distinguish your brand and products from those of your competitors. As such, it’s important to choose a trademark that is not only unique and memorable but also available for use.
One way to determine the availability of a trademark is by using the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Trademark API, which provides access to the USPTO’s database of registered trademarks.

What is the USPTO Trademark API?

Disclaimer: USPTO office only offers USPTO Open Data Portal, which is not developer friendly, and mostly created for the researchers to create insights.

USPTO Trademark API is available on Rapid API Hub marketplace that providers simple REST endpoints which are developer friendly, and can be easily implemented either on a website, or in your mobile application. This API is handcrafted by a team of developers to complete this industry with new endpoints and make it developer friendly.

Using the USPTO Trademark API, you can search for trademarks by keyword, mark text, or applicant name, and retrieve detailed information about each trademark. This can be useful for businesses considering using a particular trademark, as it can help them determine whether the mark is already in use or registered to someone else.

How to Use the USPTO Trademark API

How to Use the USPTO Trademark API

There are several different endpoints available through the USPTO Trademark API, including:

  • /v1/trademarkAvailable/{keyword} This endpoint allows you to check for trademark availability by keyword or mark text.
  • /v1/trademarkSearch/{keyword} This endpoint allows you to search for trademarks by keyword or mark text.
  • /v1/batchTrademarkSearch: {list of keywords} This endpoint allows you to perform a batch keyword search by providing multiple keywords or mark text as input. This call is paginated, and subsequent accesses are cached/free.
  • /v1/batchOwnerSearch {owner_searchterm | postcode}This endpoint allows you to perform an owner name search by providing a search term that matches the owner's name, or by providing a postcode that matches the companies in that area.
  • /v1/serialSearch/{serial_number} This endpoint allows you to retrieve detailed information about a specific trademark, using the trademark’s serial number.

To make a request to the USPTO Trademark API, you’ll need to use the appropriate endpoint and pass in your API key and any necessary search criteria.

/v1/trademarkAvailable/ Endpoint example

curl --request GET \
- url \
- header 'x-rapidapi-host:' \
- header 'x-rapidapi-key: <api_key_here>'

The API will return a simple answer if the trademark keyword name is taken.

"keyword": "amazon",
"available": "no"

/v1/trademarkAvailable/ Endpoint example

curl --request GET 
--url \
--header 'x-rapidapi-host:' \
--header 'x-rapidapi-key: <api_key_here>'

The API will return a list of trademarks that match your search criteria, along with detailed information about each trademark.

"count": 250,
"items": [
"keyword": "COFFEE GRIT MAN SOAP",
"registration_number": "6816743",
"serial_number": "97216448",
"status_label": "Live/Registered",
"status_code": "700",
"status_date": "2022-08-09",
"status_definition": "REGISTERED",
"filing_date": "2022-01-12",
"registration_date": "2022-08-09",
"abandonment_date": null,
"expiration_date": "2028-08-09",
"description": "Position 1 Non-medicated soaps for body care; Non-medicated soaps for personal use; Bar soap; Granulated soaps; Non-medicated bar soap\n\nPosition 2 \"SOAP\"\n\n",
"owners": [
"index": 1,
"owner_type": "30",
"owner_label": "Original Registrant",
"legal_entity_type": "16",
"legal_entity_type_label": "Limited Liability Company",
"name": "Pure Ponta LLC",
"address1": "300 Flatwoods Forest Loop",
"address2": null,
"city": "Santa Rosa Beach",
"state": "FL",
"country": "US",
"postcode": "32459"


Visit article part 1 of USPTO Trademark API — Search trademark & owner database article to see more examples about the search endpoints.

Wrap Up

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